Meet the world’s first human intelligent virtual assistants.

Discover how human avatar interaction can be used to engage and empower your customers, build authentic brand loyalty, and guide informed decision-making.

Deliver scalable, world-class customer service?? anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Want to leverage the power and cost savings of automated, omni-channel self-service without sacrificing customer experience? You?ve come to the right place.

Increase engagement with human interaction.

Increase engagement with human interaction.

Our human intelligent virtual assistants combine the proven power of human interaction with our proprietary artificial intelligence and natural language understanding technology to increase customer engagement, build trust, and drive outcomes across diverse industries and applications.

Cross-Channel Communication

Communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Providing anytime/anywhere availability, best-practice standard messaging, and limitless touchpoints for your brand, our platform features interactive, 2-way, omni-channel communication between your chosen brand ambassador avatar and your customers in a completely seamless experience across any device.

Go deep with limitless decision support.

Go deep with limitless decision support.

Rather than trying to be “everything to everyone”, our intelligent assistant solutions are application-specific, allowing you to create an infinitely deep, go-to information resource that educates and engages, encourages customer confidence, builds brand awareness, and promotes informed decision-making.

Invaluable customer insights.

Know your customers better than ever before.

Our?intelligent assistants?not only listen, understand, and respond ? just like a real person ? but learn from every interaction, storing relevant data to provide invaluable insights that help you hone your message, improve your products, services and support, and?build trust and brand loyalty with your customers.

Choose your own custom intelligent assistant to represent your brand!
Human isn’t just one way. We believe it’s the only way.

Human interaction bridges the communication gap with your customers to build trust through:



Artificial intelligence and natural language understanding?mirrors human interaction to actively engage and empower users with interactive, 2-way communication.



Infinitely deep, topic-centric information promotes decision support and creates a go-to resource that builds user confidence.



Anytime/anywhere availability plus a seamless, omni-channel customer experience extends messaging with integrity and reliability.



Personalized, intuitive, empathic interactions encourage action, ongoing engagement, and brand loyalty.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s plenty more evidence about why human interaction (even with an intelligent virtual assistant) is so critical in earning the right to influence decision-making with your customers, so keep reading ?

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