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Interactive gaming platform recognized for innovative approach to identifying strengths in kids with autism.

True Image Interactive is thrilled to announce that Identifor, an innovative learning and assessment application that uses interactive online games and the world?s first human Intelligent Virtual Assistant to identify unique abilities, skills, and interests in students with autism, has been honored with the 2016 Intelligent Assistants Award at the Opus Research Intelligent Assistants Conference in San Francisco.

Brian ShivlerBrian Shivler, CEO of True Image Interactive, said after the award ceremony:

?It?s been an honor to be involved in the creation of a tool that is having such a profound impact on autistic students and their families. To see our technology at work helping kids on their path toward a more fulfilling future is absolutely humbling.?

Research* indicates that 500,000 autistic children will reach adulthood in the coming decade, of which over 70% will face unemployment and continue to rely on parents for housing and transportation. Standardized educational assessments are often too narrow to work for children with special needs, and the time and cost associated with expert evaluations can be significant.

With autism already costing families an average of $60,000 per year**, parents and educators need access to practical, easy-to-use tools that help them better understand an autistic child?s unique strengths and needs in order to develop customized action plans that provide greater independence and a personal path to a fulfilling future.

Seeing this pressing need, Identifor assembled an international team of experts to put the best tools from the brightest minds into the hands of everyone with a computer or smartphone. As students play a carefully-designed battery of 40 free online learning games, Identifor monitors and registers key cognitive, functional, and vocational interest metrics, building a personalized profile that helps parents and teachers customize educational programming based on the individual?s underlying abilities, executive functioning skills, and interests.

Identifor Featuring Human Avatar Technology

Identifor uses human avatar technology from True Image Interactive to communicate conversationally with users, just like a real person.

For the 2016 IA Awards, a panel of industry experts recognized the Identifor platform and True Image Interactive?s Intelligent Virtual Assistant technology for:

  • Impacting the special needs population and extending educator and parent support,
  • Making life-changing research and insight from global leaders in education, technology and IO psychology available to children and parents struggling with autism, and
  • Creating an innovative, engaging omni-channel user interface through the use of the world?s first human Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus ResearchDan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research, said:

?The judges rated Identifor very highly for its innovative use of a persona to create an experience that?s highly beneficial to its targeted user group.”


Identifor uses an Intelligent Virtual Assistant as an interactive “concierge” to guide users through their website and mobile app. Click here?to see other use cases across healthcare, contact centers, government, retail, and more, or?contact us to talk about how an omni-channel Intelligent Virtual Assistant can impact the way you’re connecting with your customers.

* Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism
** Autism Speaks

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