Retail Self-Service Solutions

Effective retail self-service means empowering customers with the right information at the right moment.

The days of heavy-handed, intrusive marketing are over. The holy grail of retail ? authentic brand loyalty?? grows in proportion to how well you connect with your customers and serve them?with relevant information, right when they need it.

Human Interaction

Harness the power of human interaction.

From the aisle at the grocery store to a website or mobile app, our human avatar connects with customers just like a real person, increasing engagement through interactive, 2-way communication. Plus it’s available anytime, anywhere, delivering your message with perfect consistency.

Customer Decision Support

Go deep with limitless decision support.

Rather than trying to be “everything to everyone”, our solutions are application-specific, allowing you?to create an infinitely deep, go-to information resource that encourages customer confidence and promotes informed decision-making.

Customer Data

Know your customers better than ever before.

Our avatars not only listen, understand, and respond, but learn from every interaction, storing relevant data to provide invaluable insights that help you hone your message, improve your products, services and support, and build trust and brand loyalty with your customers.

Consistent Branding

Extend your brand & message with consistency.

With a human avatar, you know your message is always being delivered with integrity and reliability…and?a human touch. And with the ability to analyze real-time data, you can quickly assess what’s working and make adjustments to maximize impact.

Retail Self-Service Use Cases

How are our client partners putting our retail solutions to work to increase?customer engagement, improve customer support across channels,?and drive sales?

See more use cases??

Infinitely deep decision-support for absolutely any product on the shelf (or off).

Our human avatars communicate conversationally ? anytime, anywhere, on any device ??to help your customers feel more confident about their buying decisions, all while building brand recognition and gathering invaluable data.

Just imagine being able to:

  • Answer any question about a product, and deliver that message with perfect consistency, each and every time?? and do it all with the touch of a real person!
  • Highlight current specials or promotional offers to more effectively convert interest into sales.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing reward programs for personalized recommendations.
  • Track, measure, and analyze detailed statistics to understand how to better serve your customers.
Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Retail

Ready to talk about how the world's first HUMAN Intelligent Virtual Assistants can revolutionize the way you're connecting with your customers?