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Java Architect ? Pittsburgh

We’re not currently hiring for this position, but if you’d like to submit your resum? for future consideration, please do so using the form on this page.

As a Java Architect in our Pittsburgh office, you’ll lead, architect, develop, mentor, articulate, and enforce best practices to a distributed team of developers working to build a world-class product using a bleeding-edge tech stack.

Java Architect Position Overview

If you’ve been working in the Java ecosystem for approximately 7 years and feel like you have the skills to build a product from the ground up, we would love to talk to you.

Some relevant points about this position.

  • This is a green field project. Very rarely do you have the luxury of building something completely from scratch. Well, join us and you can!
  • As a customer-focused organization, we are committed to quality, and we pride ourselves on doing things the correct way. There is a heavy emphasis on testing and test coverage. There is little to no test-first development; although if as an architect you can swing it among the developers, the organization will totally support that approach.
  • Domain Driven Design is being used as our approach for building our product.
  • The tech stack used for the product requires deep immersion in Spring technologies on the server side and full-stack Javascript MVC framework experience (like Angular) on the client side.
  • True Agile shop. We run time-boxed sprints with retrospectives and sprint planning.
  • Continuous integration builds on and deploys to the cloud like Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Git/bitbucket is used for source control and Atlassian tools are used for issue tracking and scrum boards.
  • You may find yourself building reference implementations for cross-cutting concerns like caching, messaging, security and/or persistence.
  • You may conduct pull request reviews among team members for the purpose of cross-team training.

Our ideal candidate will possess the following skills and experience.

  • Work experience in three or more of the following:
    • Spring Core: IoC + AoP – High degree of familiarity with these
    • Spring Security
    • Spring Integration
    • Spring Batch
    • Spring Data
    • Spring AMQP
    • Spring MVC
    • Spring HATEOAS
  • Hibernate/JPA or EJB 3.0 persistence
  • Activiti Workflow engine
  • Maven plugin development and/or life cycle plugin familiarity
  • Java test runners
  • Structured JavaScript full-stack development (Angular preferred)
  • JavaScript Test frameworks
  • Git
  • Developed a product (specifically experience handling configurability issues)
  • Have a public-facing profile displaying your work (e.g., GitHub, Bitbucket, Stack Overflow, Plunkr)

Above all…

The ability to write clean, testable, elegant code while embracing the principles of software design is an absolute must. If you can demonstrate having done so in your past experience, we are very interested in talking to you!