We had the unique privilege this past week to present our omni-channel human avatar interface to 3,000 of the world’s top telecom technology strategy influencers at TM Forum Live in Nice, France.

Top telecom domain global players are taking giant leaps forward in creating world class customer service experiences. Partnering with other technology thought leaders from Sutherland Labs, Liverpool University, MICTA, Ericsson, and Knowesis, our ?Machine Learning Optimizing Omnichannel? catalyst explored the use of human avatars to create highly intuitive, 360-degree customer service experiences across any channel, while harnessing machine learning and artificial intelligence to better understand customer needs and continually improve and personalize service.

“[Human] avatars will drive us to a new level of interface, a new level of trust, and hopefully a new level of service.”

Professor Paul Morrissey

Brian Shivler, CEO of True Image Interactive, had this to say after the event:

Brian Shivler?There were so many innovative, future-state solutions presented at this year?s TM Forum Live in Nice. It was an honor to participate with industry-leading partners and hear the positive responses to our team?s catalyst solution presenting the power of an omni-channel human avatar interface integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We were able to show the teleco world what is now possible with regard to a 360-degree customer experience. It was great to see conference attendees getting excited about these new possibilities. Five minutes into many of our conversations, people began immediately applying this comprehensive, customer-centric delivery model to their personal service challenges. True Image Interactive exists to revolutionize the way people connect with technology, and even though we have global client partners, this was the first time our technology was featured in a European venue of this nature. It was truly an inspiring week. Thanks to our partners at Sutherland Global for the invitation to participate in the catalyst.?