Make your human resources hiring process simpler and more cost-effective with an interactive intelligent virtual assistant.

Successful, expanding organizations are more often than not in constant hiring mode. They need to fill positions throughout their organization at all levels, quickly and with efficacy. These companies, considered “employers of choice”, such as Delloite, Google, and PwC, have the luxury of garnering quite a large applicant pool where they can simply handpick the best of the best.

However, these applicant pools, although filled with highly competent and viable candidates, have unfavorable shortcomings as well. Most notably, such employers often have hiring ratios reaching and often surpassing 50 to 1 for one open position. Select International, one of True Image Interactive’s?client partners, works with many of these companies to determine the best candidate to fill that role. But the simple truth to the selection and assessment process is, what happens with the other 49 applicants that didn?t get the job?

Large hiring ratios guarantee these companies can hire the right candidate for their requirements; yet again, this huge separation means other great candidates did not get their dream job. And whether these companies recognize this or not, many if not all of those applicants are also potential customers for their products or services. It?s critical that these candidates have a positive experience in the hiring process and feel that they?been treated fairly, as well as given a chance to demonstrate their abilities, often referred to as an “opportunity to perform.”

Recent research with respect to applicant reactions and candidate engagement demonstrates that individuals who have positive reactions to the hiring process are more likely to view the company in a favorable light, as well as purchase that company?s products or services and?recommend the?company to family and friends.

When considering the above research, processing upwards of 50 applicant resum?s for every open position can cause quite the logistical challenge, to say the least. It?s nearly impossible to provide individualized attention to every candidate, but there is a solution. True Image Interactive?s cognitive technology platform, coupled with its interactive conversational interface, provides candidates with a real human-user experience that engages and builds a relationship of empathy.

True Image’s human avatar technology can provide a human-visual social experience (which we as humans naturally gravitate towards) to everyone in the interview and hiring processes, inevitably favorably increasing perception of both the hiring process and your organization.

True Image?s artificial intelligence-based candidate software capabilities include:

  • Answering questions
  • Explaining the human resources hiring process
  • Introducing company culture
  • Providing functional position details
  • Scheduling tests and interviews
  • Keeping applicants informed regarding their status in the process

True Image Interactive provides a cost-effective answer to help organizations like yours advance the applicant experience, manage logistical procedures of the hiring process, and significantly improve the applicant?s opinion of your organization.