Use Case: Conversational IVR for Airline Call Center

AirTran Airways

Conversational IVR solution handles inbound calls to 400-person airline contact?center.


Due to ever increasing call volume in their airline contact?center, AirTran Airways was faced with escalating costs and decreased customer satisfaction. They needed a way to service more callers in less time with better outcomes.

The Solution

We installed our Conversational IVR (cIVR) on-premise to handle all calls related to flight bookings for frequent flyer members. The cIVR was deeply integrated into the Airtran Cisco contact center architecture, as well as the reservation system.


  • The cIVR proactively recognized?who was calling and offered information about upcoming flights before the caller asked.
  • The cIVR provided the ability to book a reservation without assistance from a live?agent.
  • The cIVR also provided a screen-pop of caller information if there was a need to transfer the caller to an agent.
  • Through these mechanisms, 93% of all calls sent to the cIVR were handled to completion by the Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Of the calls escalated to a live agent, average handling time was reduced by 45%.
Conversation IVR for Airline Call Center