Use Case: Human Avatar Health Coach for Heart Disease Patients

Major University Health System

Human Avatar Health Coach engages patients in their own care, improves satisfaction, and reduces heart failure readmissions.


Avoidable readmissions for Congestive Heart Failure are costing millions of dollars and are often the result of poorly coordinated, inconsistent post-discharge care, and a lack of patient engagement in managing their own care.

The Solution

Using an interactive human avatar health coach, this project was designed to help CHF patients actively manage their own care and reduce unnecessary hospital visits.

  • Personalized to diagnosis
  • Real-time patient monitoring
  • Interactive 2-way communication to teach, monitor, coach,?and remind
  • Omni-channel capable
  • Data-infused protocols with tolerances
  • Active care extension dashboards


  • 50% reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions
  • 39% improvement in patient satisfaction
  • 10 point improvement in medication compliance