Use Case: Web Self-Service & Conversational IVR for Government Contact Center

Major US?City Government

Conversational IVR and web self-service?for government utility account management.

The Challenge

A major US city was looking for a more cost-effective and less labor intensive way to allow citizens to self-service their utility accounts and deflect calls from their support center. They were looking at increased costs due to the addition of agents if a viable self-service option was not found.

The Solution

We implemented a Conversational IVR phone system and web self-service portal for automated utility account management. The platform utilizes cIVR in the cloud to handle all utility-related calls for questions, issues, and bill payments, as well as make outbound courtesy calls to customers with late payments. To accomplish these tasks, the platform is integrated with the city?s Cisco architecture, their utilities system, and a number of third-party systems.

The Results

  • Our cIVR cut the cost of a phone call from $4.91 to $0.75, a reduction of 85%.
  • The web portal?handles 15,000 visits per month and has over 25,000 registered users.
  • Over the phone and online, the platform?handles?millions of interactions with the city?s utility customers.
Next-Generation Conversational IVR Solution for Call Centers